Issue 2

The Punjar Courante

Chasing The Grave

How Requiem is Destroying the City

The experience offered by the drug Requiem is known as “Chasing the Grave”. Over the past several weeks, several illegal Requiem dens have been raided, resulting in multiple arrests. Most of these dens were operating in the Devil’s Thumb district. The upper crust Bliss club, The Blue Flame, was operating in open view until the outlawing of Bliss and Clay 3 months ago. It, like many other clubs, publicly cleaned up it’s image, but appears privately to still offer access to the illegal substances. While the Clay trade has flourished among the lower classes, the spread of the more expensive Bliss is only traced by the bodies of it’s victums.

While both versions of the drug are supposed to induce a trance-like state the enables the user to speak with the dead, the less expensive Clay has immediate and often deadly side effects. The more expensive Bliss gives the user a more complete hallucinatory experience, often including the complete array of sensory perceptions.

Even with the new focus on stopping the shipments of the drug, large amounts are still arriving in the city daily. The resulting multitude of addicts are responsible for an increase in crimes committed to pay for the drug and a ever increasing number of the incurable comatose victums. It seems those committed to “Chasing the Grave” end up finding it easily.

Issue 2

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