Helcar Steelhammer

A Dragonborn fighter that was born to a dwarven clan. He now fights in the name of Bahamut to regain his racial honor...well most of the time.


Str: 19

Con: 14

Dex: 10

Int: 10

Wis: 14

Cha: 10

AC: 19

Forte: 16

Reflex: 12

Will: 12

HP: 34

Speed: 6 (5 if he is carrying all his stuff)


Helcar Steelhammer was born among dwarves and was adopted the wealthy Steelhammer clan. As he grew, he started to feel out of place. The Steelhammer clan has a coming of age ritual that all the clansmen knew Helcar couldn’t complete. His size was too great. He insisted and failed. His failure hurt his pride and dwarven honor. He left the Steelhammer clan to fend for himself on the streets.

His street life was pretty rough. He was raised with wealth, he quickly learned that earning a living isn’t easy. He turned to petty theft until he was captured while trying to steal some gold statues from a temple of Bahamut. The clerics of the temple realized that Helcar had lost his way and needed help. The took him into the church and began to teach him about his the teachings of Bahamut, dragonborn origins and fighting. During his teaching, he had a vision of a great battle between the forces of Bahamut and Moradin. His teachers told him his vision had no significance but Helcar is not so sure.

Helcar has since left the church to find out who he is. He tries to do good but sometimes falls back to his selfish, short-sighted behavior. He believes his fighting powers are gifts from Bahamut (he believes he fights for Bahamut. Maybe he’ll eventually become a paladin) and when he fails frequently in combat he becomes repentant. Thanks to his dwarven upbringing, he is still at odds with his dragonborn heritage and feels shame when he releases “the beast within”.

Helcar doesn’t back down from anything. He is first to fight an occasionally runs into combat without rationally considering the outcome of his actions (Note: there is player only knowledge of the real motivations here). He tends to have anger management issues and will break from combat from one enemy to another for various reasons. He would never, willingly, let an enemy that has attacked him escape.

Helcar Steelhammer

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