Storm Of War

Three tests

I tire of the cold. These pathetic people have been saved by me and my party, but they are moving me no closer to my goal. If necessary, I would have left them all freezing in the wind to get me back to my people, but the interaction with the elementals has actually been a more useful tool than I would have thought. We killed the upstart who would have corrupted the will of the fire spirits and made them return home, forsaking their duty. It was good that we were able to save the lives of all of these people, but in the end, making sure that justice was enacted and assuring that the spirits remember their place in the grand wheel of life.

Since arriving at the mountain I have smelled the stink of some great demon and his work, but this body has been obscuring my senses, and I was not sure what the odor was. Now I have been affirmed and the knoweledge that the “Dishonest Wealth” lies at the heart of this curse is obvious to me.

We went down deep into the mountain and after meeting a primitive sect obsessed with their own piety, we fought our way through the three tests in order to obtain the magical focus designed to end the curse. Only a morally decrepit race such as the dwarves and humans would have allowed this to go on as long as they have.

On a side note, the plant people who have joined our group have been a great asset and allow me to focus more on my father’s work… freeing blood from the prison of veins… Now if only I could find a better sword and armor and basically get a whole bunch of awesome magic items!!!!!




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