Help Wanted

We are in need of a couple of good defenders or strikers. We have immediate openings in the famed mercenary unit, the Dread Guard. Due to the upcoming war in the north ( and some positions opened by natural attrition ), we find our cadre with IMMEDIATE opportunities available.


  • This is an Entry Level Position. No Experience Required. All that is needed is a brave heart and a spirit of adventure.
  • All training will be provided.
  • Must attend meetings every other Saturday night starting at 7:00 PM.

Benefits: We offer many benefits including:

  • Room and board ( conveniently taken out of your wages )
  • Top of the line equipment.
  • Many opportunities for advancement, sometimes at the most unexpected moments.
  • A retirement fund that is growing at an incredible pace. At the current rate of growth vs. dispersement, everyone will be able to live out their golden years like royalty.
  • Our base compensation package consists of a generous monthly salary. In addition, most of our employees are able to secure other monetary recompense as part of their normal duties.

The Specifics: You will be a member of an elite strike force ( actually more of a Junior elite strike force ) responsible for many varied and exciting duties. Your initial posting will be in the city of Punjar. Your main responsibilities will be the protection of supply lines from insurgents and other tasks as required by contract with the Duke. There will be opportunities to develop additional revenue streams by adding value to our existing client relationship and by creating new relationships.

Who we are: The Dread Guard has established an unparalleled reputation as a unit that can get the job done, no matter the hazards and consequences. Our reputation is such that we are still surprised when our clients are shocked at the measures we will go to to fulfill a contract. We strive to go above and beyond the terms negotiated in order to provide the results our clients need. We use our vast experience to help the client determine what is in their best interest.

While we do find ourselves occasionally hiring temporary and contract help for large scale projects, this is for full-time positions only.

Good or non-aligned only need apply. Sorry, we are not accepting applications from Monsters at this time.

It is hoped the initial training and orientation class will be Oct 3rd. The location is not yet determined, but will either be downtown in Ormewood park or one of our friendly local game stores ( or other gamer-friendly location suggestions ) So far the gamers are from Riverdale, Downtown ( Ormewood Park ), Smyrna and Dunwoody, so a location convenient to all is desirable but difficult. The game has a couple of people that have very little experience playing, so we are newbie friendly. We will be playing on every other Saturday night with a cycle of Oct 3, Oct 17, Oct 31, etc.

Help Wanted

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