Government Structure

After the conquest of the city by the Thorn Empire, General Pycan, “the Wicked”, was installed as military governor. During his rule, the city was purged of any “disruptive” elements. These purges mainly occurred among those that were active parts of the government or military. Also stiff punishments were instituted for any corruption uncovered. These punishments were of a sort that usually required a necromancer to recover from.

Even with the large numbers of public executions, crime and corruption still flourished. The city remains the main port of entry for all manners of illicit goods and services. The crime lords were remarkably not among the ones executed.

About a year and a half ago, the military governor was exchanged for a new Duke from the royal family. Duke Hurg has continued the swift attribution of justice instilled by his predecessor, but he does not seem to find the same joy in the proceedings.

The Duke’s court is a mix of crafty advisors and incompetent sycophants from the capital. The empire has established a garrison that is responsible for the defense and peace keeping in the city and outlying areas.

In practice individual wards are still independently locally policed, but the Duke likes to make a point that this situation is only by his sufferance. He will step in if he feels the need is important.

Government Structure

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