Storm Of War

Nightmares, Greed, and a Down Friend

My travel companions are also a bit hard to stomach at times. I’ll admit I’m not the most suave speaker. I’m not one to change a persons mind with my tongue. However, pulling a crossbow and a man in a crowded tavern? I don’t know how that didn’t get us killed. If those tactics continue I might have to sit him down and have a word with him.

Not only are his negotiation skills a bit weak, his greed almost got him killed. The sneaky bugger loses all his sneakiness when there are riches present. Yeah the gold was promising, but it would have been nice to investigating the better way to get it. I mean, diving head first without scoping out the environment? Not only did it draw out the chompy fish it drew the attention of the cultists. Oh. I guess I should mention the cultists.

We need some rest and some food. The Inn seems like the best bet and it is close…why not? Well there was that incident with the food. But I digress. Strolling down the Crafthaven streets we get a politely delivered message. Politely delivered is an arrow flying past us into the wall. We seem to have attracted the attention of a local vigilante who goes by the moniker The Red Brigand. I grab the letter, read it, and attempt to gain roof access to see if he can be caught. The store has no access to the roof and it only takes a moment to realise that someone who is shooting arrows into walls with notes isn’t the sort of person that I’m going to out run on the rooftops.

The letter provided us with some valuable information. Some of it, like how to avoid the garbage mound, could have been a little more timely. However, Mr. Brigand is concerned that the town has a new deity and that it is causing, and will be, a problem. The name Dagiy’tha means nothing to me at first but with my aching joints I’m willing to investigate. Of course, on the way to the Inn Greedy Drow explains his dream about Dagiy’tha. Nice that he kept us informed in a timely manner….Geez.

At the Inn we start to question some of the locals. The questioning turns into interrogation with crossbows pointing at….well I’ve already expressed my concerns about that so let’s move on. After Greedy Drow heads up to bed, one of the town older shop keepers comes over to offer us a round of drinks. As an apology to the way our friend Greedy Drow treated him, I refuse the round and instead buy the round. He tells us of is neighbour, a fisherman, call Sebastian. He has been gone for several weeks. That is odd. We have a bit more small talk while I order my meal. The small talk was entertaining. The meal…

I partially blame my uneasy sleep and crazy nightmares to the damage the Inn’s food did to my stomach but I think it was so much more than that. The dream was too vivid. There was a cube with tentacles hovering above water. I’m not sure is Bahamut is trying to tell me something or I’m cursed by this…thing…Dagiy’tha but if I want to get any rest, I need to solve this.

The next morning we head out to check out Sebastian’s place. Thankfully he isn’t home. It is always hard to convince people to let you snoop around their house. Easier to just break in and investigate. We didn’t find much. Well if you call a shrine and blood stains indicating a possible sacrifice nothing. Initially I was going to leave the shrine alone. But Bahamut wouldn’t stop chatting in my head. He wanted me to burn down Sebastian’s house. I settled with destroying the shrine. The town’s people weren’t much help. We were left with a decision. Did we want to paddle out to sea and try to find Sebastian or continue looking into the fireheart mining problem?

Based on the fact that men who had been fishing the waters all their life couldn’t find Sebastian, what luck would we have? We decided to go back to the mine and deal with Sebastian later. It wasn’t much later.

After convincing Greedy Drow to leave the gold in the water (while I fought off some cultists) we found the most horrific carving I have ever seen. It was almost animated it was so life like. It was horrifying. To think of the time it would take a dwarf, not mentioning a dragonborn, to accomplish such as sculpture was awe inspiring. The statue overtook me. I was absolutely mesmerised as I walked further down the stairs. A moment later, with the baffled sounds of my comrades, I turned a corner and saw another cultist floating above the water.

I snapped! Don’t know if it was the orb or the wall sculpture, but I lost it. I ran forward thrusting my newly found javelin and striking the floating man. I think that pissed him off. I was hit by lightning a few seconds later. Thankfully the cultist, who turns out the be Sebastian, came to us. I had no real desire to fight on those rafts. The combat wasn’t great. It reinforced something I’m growing to learn, fighing people with magic is something that should be avoided whenever possible.

At one point I totally lost my cool. I was smelling the effects of acid on my shield, I lost my sight from poison be spit at me, and Sebastian was sticking it to us. I could see Bahamut opening the heavens to me. I felt a burning in my chest. I exhaled fire enveloping one of the humanoid lizards. It was very scary.

My fellow dragonborn, in a heroic move that bard’s should sing of for generations to come, dealt the final blow to Sebastian. Surveying the scene I see that our cleric is down. I pray to Bahamut to heal him. I’ve obviously done something to upset Bahamut because he refused my prayers. Greedy Drow was also down but Bahamut sees some purpose for him so my prayers were answered and I stabilised him. Throwing him over my shoulder and heading back to Crafthaven, I glance over my shoulder and see the orb raising higher and higher…

...I think we’ll come to regret letting that escape but we had little choice.

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