Insane Drow, Hobgoblin Warband

A 9 piece group playing heavy hobgoblin dance music


The goblinoids are dressed in their finest and most colorful outfits. The only female of the group is Szekarin Dreadscream, the dirge singer. She is also the focus of the group. She is dressed in a very revealing outfit of colorful dyed leather strips and metallic bells. She wears earrings of gold with a drows ear hanging from each one. ( This is the from the inspiration of the Ballad of the Dark One ). She is possessed of an extremely high libido and her brothers have a hard time keeping her out of “trouble”.

Her three brothers ( Bruneg, Ndenz and Rotang ) are known as the Deathwatchers and they are very protective of their young, talented and beautiful sister. They carry pikes adorned with feathers and other decorative objects, but seem to be fully functional.

The three bladebearers ( Bmak Metalstink, Nkrad Metalmuck and Rtuk Foulrender ) carry two scimitars crossed on their backs. They are also wearing wardrums when in public. They are the rhythm section of warband. The drumheads appear to be made of some sort of black leather ( made from a panther killed at the same time as the drow ).

The 2 Stonedoom ( Gok and Guk ) brothers are Bugbear wardancers. During a performance they use a multi-headed flail to create sound during their dancing. It produces a sound roughly like wind chimes being banged together … roughly. These musical instruments appear they would be very useful in combat.

The band has arrived in Punjar for the contest and are well behaved ( for goblinoids, at least ). They are comfortable in civilized society and usually the life of the party. However any arguments usually end up in extensive damages to any indoor location they happen in ( and the occasionally innocent bystander ).

On the way to Punar, Bruneg witnessed some sort of flying ship. As his eyesight is better than his brother Rotang, he was the only one to catch a glimpse of it at the time. This has been a source of many jokes on the trip. And Bruneg is getting tired of it …

The ballad of the dark one This was the inspiration for the formation of the band. About two years ago, the Hobgoblins peaceful village was attacked by a lone drow and a huge black panther. The drow wielded dual scimitars and almost single handedly massacred everyone in the village. Szekarin was able to sneak behind him and strike a disabling blow. He was quickly dispatched after that. The strength of his fighting prowess and skills inspired Szekarin to create the band. The drow ears Szekarin wears are from this mighty warrior and the war drums have heads made from the skin of the panther.

Insane Drow, Hobgoblin Warband

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