Storm Of War

Illium's view

After we defeated the garbage beast on the first floor of the tower, we proceeded to methodically kill every thing we saw. My experiences here have shown me that many people shy away from experiences such as the bloody tide that my companions and I have become. But these dragon men and the Raven Child seem to be as close to me as the blood pumping through my racing heart. My swords jump into my hands at the very thought of someone standing in my way and cry out in a cacophony at the thought of being sheathed again. I feel like I am being torn apart by a thousand winds from a thousand mocking voices. I will have my vengeance on them all. I only fear that my land will never be green again after I have left it drowning with so much blood. As we proceeded through the rooms of the tower I have been struck by Helcarr. His ability to absorb punishment is astounding, and he seems to revel in the pain, licking his lips at his enemies as though he is going to devour them. He would make an excellent soldier in my kingdom and I hope I do not have to kill him. I am constantly reminded of my duties to my father and his ruler ship. Sometimes the voices in my head scream so loudly that I have to dig my nails into the palms of my hands to stop from crying out. The pain brings me back to my focus. It calms me. Sharpens me. Reminds me. Hates me. Only when I am floating in a pool of my fallen enemies blood will I be able to relax. Until then, I will find no more rest than I have fear. So sleep eludes me. We have killed many people in this tower, all of them pretending at a dignity they do not possess. Proud, empty shells of individuals. No sense of death or nature. No understanding of their station in the wild. In my kingdom they would understand their place as food and prey, and they would be worshipped for their spirit and their place in the great wheel of life. Here they are struggling to understand their identity and they don’t even realize that they should kneel before me and offer their necks to sate my thirsts. Poor, bags of blood and spirit. I am still confused by the Raven Queen’s child. Even my relationship to Old Mother Winter is confusing, so any relationship to her son is going to be even more obscured. He seems like a good traveling companion in that he does not complain and is eager to aid his companions, but there is some under lying mystery to him, some smell of magic, some division in his brain. From what the Dread Guard told me, he has been possessed by some creature, and then his memory was taken from him. This is a terrible thing, and I can certainly relate to his pain. If I had all of my memories I would stretch out my wings and darken this whole city with pain and fire. But I do not remember how to shuffle off this body. Perhaps when I do, I will also know what has happened to the Leaf Blighters son. Perhaps that is why she gave me this body and bid me watch over Dorrito. Perhaps she has been planning this from the start. Perhaps she is my enemy. I can imagine no more dangerous foe. During our death walk through the tower, I saw my chance to end the whole charade of the Beggar King’s rule. I saw him napping on a divan with guards were unaware of me. I was sly and quiet as I have always been. I beheaded the fool and was about to walk away when I realized I had been fooled. It was just some poor child who had been made up to look like my query. One more head on the head of my enemy. I have no problem with killing an innocent, certainly not one standing in my way, and I certainly understand the thinking of my enemy, but to use a child instead of a willing servant is the type of leadership I have begun to expect from the humans. I think my time with them is coming to an end. I hope so. I hope I am speeded on my way. Though I had no problem with the child’s death, I did have a problem with what happened next. As Helcarr was walking through the room, a trap door triggered underneath him. I would have noticed the door but for these damn eyes. I have a lot of trouble seeing into the astral sea and so I miss a lot of what I would normally notice. Helcarr fell through the floor and ended up suspended in a cage over a river far below. I jumped down on the cage to try and free him while my other allies rushed ahead. I found the cage being pulled on a chain by a great ape. The creature was clearly being enslaved by the hobgoblins. Eventually I freed Helcarr and after a pitched battle we were able to slay all of the slaver dogs. Unfortunately the Ape had been driven mad by his captivity and we were forced to kill it as well. It’s soul sent to Elysium where it shall swing from trees for all eternity. A fitting reward for a creature who had suffered so much. Soon I will send this Beggar king his way as well….



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