Storm Of War

Cage Match

I’m growing weary. I’m not sure how much more my body can withstand. The endurance of my family is not in my blood and it shames me. I’m a warrior on a mission from Moradin, I shouldn’t ask for sleep as I am. I fear my weakness will prevent my from achieving my life’s goal. I fear Moradin does not favor me.

So much fear. Am I a warrior or a child? I must conceal my fear from my comrades. My brother saw through my mask. I can’t let that happen again.

Shaking off the pain of my little, ill-planned, trip into the pit. We ascend a set of stairs into a room populated by several of The Beggar King’s lackeys. By ascend I mean I charge, not so quietly, up the stairs to be surrounded. I keep my back to the wall to prevent these sneaky bastards from getting the advantage on me. I’m handling the situation fairly well until that bastard, the one behind everyone and out of my reach, throws a dagger at me. It didn’t strike me, but it certainly upset me. But, the sneaky little lackeys wouldn’t let me get through to bring down Moradin’s retribution.

Thanks to increased adrenaline production to combat the fatigue, I have only vague memories of a battle with a witch and the stinky dragonborn in our party destroying another set of lackeys.

I begin to gain my composure entering a room after Illium. Something about the scene isn’t right. Illium is standing over a slumped, headless body. His sword drawn. There are several guards who appear to be alive but not reacting. As I cross the room to get a better look at the situation I fall.

“Oh Moradin! I don’t want to die! Please forgive me!” That’s all I can think as I fall to my certain death. Moradin must still be listening to my prayers. Instead of the cold, rushing waters of the river, I land in a suspended cage. This predicament could’ve been a lot worse, if it wasn’t for Illium jumping to the cage to assist me.

Illium and my time is limited thanks to the hairy beast that continues to drag us closer and closer. After the cage is opened I have to fight the urge to jump and rush into combat. I do have this nice new bow handy. Fighting from a distance is not my thing but, I have to admit, it is handy. And did pretty well.

After the battle is over and the risk is gone we release a few prisoners. We have a tough decision. Do we assists the freed prisoners back to town? Doing so risks the Beggar King’s escape. But these people will certainly be killed if we don’t help. My body is hoping we take these people back to town. I could use the rest. But I can’t say that.

Moradin denies my prayers. We leave the prisoners some food, and continue our hunt.



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