Storm Of War

Arthuro the Fence flees the scene

I need an action point

I was trying to catch a quick nap before the customers started showing up with their early evening ill-gotten gains, when my rest was disturbed by the sounds of struggle in the alley outside. I assumed this was the normal overexhuberance sometimes shown by my customers so they can be the first in line for my services. The noise quietened down and I went back to trying to rest. Baren and Turnt would get the customers to politely queue until I was ready to see their wares.
A couple of minutes later, another disturbance started, this time just right outside my door. I jumped up and saw Baren and Turnt in a pitched battle. Crap, there were at least 2 dragonborn in shiny armor and some other black and blue humanoid-ish thing carry a spear. Double crap, it was the Dread Guard. Since they were destroying my guys rather easily, I didn’t see how my death would help anything. It was time to gather some traveling supplies and get out. These guys look like they are not just here to get a good deal on some goods.
I got some extra time to get out, since they decided to check out ol’ Grugghy’s lair. They should enjoy that. I leave the chest, they are probably in too big a hurry to find it and it is protected anyway. As I go past the dog brothers, I mention to the war captain that there seems to be a scuffle in the alley outside. I don’t give him any details, don’t much like the bastards anyway, but just say I got some stuff to give to Mother and use his passageway. After that I find some pressing business elsewhere. Hopefully, the Dogs will be able to handle the interlopers, but if not, they won’t get past Mother and her ball-less wonders.



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